Sunshine on a Grey Day

Having had a very mild start to November, the month has turned bitterly cold and grey.


It is time to hit back with some colour.

Headlines like Temperatures plunge to -6C as Britain gets first blast of winter rouse us from the complacency of leaving home without an arsenal of hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas and sheepskin-lined boots. However upon further reading, this was the weather prediction for North Yorkshire.

London is certainly not in North Yorkshire.

Nevertheless for a psychological boost, it is best to start the day with something colourful as well as delicious.

Here is what I call Sunshine in Glass: a combination of pomegranate, red grapefruit, orange, clementine and passionfruit juices. Simply press the fruits, stir the juices to mix and drink as fresh as possible.






I have been using Hubbub for my meat, cheese, fruit and vegetable deliveries (the fruit box above was from Mrs Lovell’s). These are sourced from local shops and you can order up to 12pm for same day delivery. Last Friday we had beautiful 3 kg piece of pork belly from the Ginger Pig. This was slow roasted at 160C for four hours. The skin was then grilled lightly towards the end of the roasting time to create some crispy crackling. I am writing it here because it was eaten so quickly by our family and guests that I really could not photograph it. One minute it was in the roasting tin and the next minute it was on our plates en route to our tummies.

Later in the day I am making a Simple Lemon Cake as well as an Orange Chiffon Cake. Recipes to follow in later posts.


Update 10 December 2021: I realised I only posted the orange chiffon cake recipe on 01 June 2020! I have added the link above, and also removed the link to Hubbub which sadly closed their business. I now use Farmdrop. Ginger Pig in Moxon Street is still our butcher.