Chinese New Year in KL 2023



Happy, or should I say Hoppy, Chinese New Year!

According to Chinese tradition this is the Year of the Rabbit. The date of this Chinese New Year is doubly special as it is also Mr Gochugaru’s birthday. In the past 30 years this has only occurred once before, in 2004. As the date for CNY falls between  January 21 and February 20, we often get to conveniently celebrate both events together. What can be better than cake? More cake, of course.



We had a small party for around 20 of our relatives at our family home. My contribution was a yee sang which I love making. In order to transport it from our serviced apartment I wrapped the covered tray with a large cloth, oriental style. This yee sang is quite refreshing and you could also consider making it as a salad for other big gatherings.



It has been a long and tiring day, but it’s great being in my hometown of Kuala Lumpur. I’ll end this post with some photos of our iconic Petronas Twin Towers, lit up in red. Chinese people adore the colour red as it is said to bring good fortune. Happy New Year, and may the coming year bring you much peace as well as prosperity.