The Year of the Tiger



What view do you have of tigers?

If you are Asian you might be familiar with the phrase Tiger Parent. I actually met Amy Chua, author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, 10 years ago at a talk in the City of London. I thought that she was frank and funny, and I admired her because how often are we Chinese people so open? Serious and secretive are defaults in our DNA.

I still have the book on my bookshelf because my own parenting style was so different, and I wanted to see if our children would turn out all right. Happy news – they are doing just fine.


Ms Chua’s assessment was half right: I am not a fellow Tiger Mum but my kids are amazing!


This year in the Chinese lunar calendar we celebrate the Year of the Tiger. I had a fun time recently looking at tiger-themed items. Assuming covid does not shut us down like it did last year, we aim to meet together for a large extended family gathering in February.


The only festive drink to have


Cushions for the sofa


Utensil pots and coasters for the kitchen


A bit scary-looking


Something for the children


I prefer flowers on my pyjamas, but this is a novel print for the Chinese New Year


Finally, the only ‘tiger’ I care to have around the house: Elva the cat who we look after from time to time