Welcome to the Weekend



I started writing this post one week ago then got caught up with the deliciousness of some home-made char siu pao.

Char siu pao was always called char siu pao when I was growing up but now, owing to the romanisation of spoken Mandarin replacing Cantonese in many menus, this has morphed to char shao bao.



Last Friday I was going to write about the flowers I received the past week. We had a series of dinners with friends and for some reason, all of them brought flowers or plants. By the third dinner someone asked if I had enough flower vases, and another hoped I was now not going away.

We did go away, albeit for 30 hours. Last weekend we were in Exeter, bringing Niece Number 2 back to university. This weekend we are in Burford, attending a wedding.

Some of the flowers, and all of the plants, still grace the kitchen counter. The char siu pau were completely finished and Junior 3 and I were very pleased with it since it was the first time we ever made these. We are making a second batch using some different flour.

Welcome to another weekend…I am looking forward to some fresh pau and some country air. Meanwhile here are some pictures of the flowers to help you start your own weekend, wherever you are in the world.



The recipe for the char siu pao will be in a future post. We are completely tied up with work, meetings and the organisation of our own family wedding. Then there is a church trip to East Asia in late October followed by a much needed holiday in Seoul. I guess by the time we recover it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. What great opportunities for meeting up, sharing meals and for writing about our gatherings. La vie est belle