Not Quite A Quiet Day: Scilly Camp Day 4


A hot and dramatic day in Tresco.


Whilst not exactly homonyms or homophones, Tresco / Tesco, and Scilly / Sicily have presented visitors to the islands a bit of a challenge when trying to impress their friends.

Imagine people thinking you are going to the supermarket for your holiday, or that the stunning beach photos you are sending them were taken in Italy.

So let’s get it right, we are in Tresco in the Isles of Scilly.

The activities for the Scouts on this island follow a regular pattern: a walk up North from the quay to Piper’s Hole which is a sea cave, a nervous swim through it in semi-darkness, hiking back down for a picnic lunch in the garden of the New Inn, then a visit to the world-famous Tresco Abbey Garden.

With sufficient leaders to accompany the boys, I was looking forward to a quiet hour or two contemplating life whilst looking out to sea.



Here is what happened instead: on a path to Piper’s Cave, one of our older Scouts put his foot in a hole which caused him to fall, thus injuring his knee. Despite there bring no external cuts or swelling, he said he could not put any weight on this leg as the knee really hurt then.

There was a call to Emergency Services, the injury was assessed and a pair of crutches handed out to ease the weight off the leg.

As a result of this delay, we rushed through our lunch and then started the long walk to the Abbey Garden. A car-free island was such a good idea until today when it was very hot, I was tired and possibly a touch dehydrated.

To compound the already difficult day, there was only half an hour left before the garden closed. However, since I have visited the gardens multiple times before I knew the paths well. Here are some of the views taken in the garden.


The approach to Tresco Abbey Garden with a view of the Abbey


The entrance to the garden which leads to a bamboo grove


There are many paths to walk along and more importantly, many benches where you can stop and rest, have a picnic lunch and take in the views


The Shell House where the murals are made out of shells


More plants and trees to look at as you walk around


The Valhalla Museum is home to figureheads from shipwrecks around the Scilly Isles


The Tresco Children sculpture always reminds me of our three children


Tresco is privately owned and run by the Dorrien-Smith family. When the daytrippers leave the island by late afternoon, as they have to on the last boat, the place becomes even more tranquil.

Tomorrow we visit Bryher, where I will be on a mission to look for fresh crab meat for a leaders’ dinner.