Painting the Town Red

This is a follow up to the earlier post on spending the Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur.


There really is only one colour that Chinese people value during the new year, and this is red.

If in doubt, any bright colour will do…just don’t wear black or have any black things around the house. As children, we were always told that black was associated with death, and until today, I never wear black unless I am attending a funeral. One pair of black trousers is required in my wardrobe for official evening functions, but that’s it.

The following photos give an idea of what going around town is like during the festive season.


Flowers for a fresh burst of colour

20150217_09494920150217_095040 (Large)



Bamboo, signifying growth, as it grows fast and steadily



20150217_095013 (Large)


Oranges, signifying wealth, as the word in Chinese sounds like ‘gold’

20150217_094852 (Large)

20150217_094837 (Large)


Ornamental gourds



20150217_093406 (Large)


Lanterns adorn every available public space space