Job Well Done


A final view of the Petronas Towers from my bedroom window this morning


Kuala Lumpur Diary: 21 – 24 October 2023

Reminder: I have decided to split my week into two Long Weekends, each three and four days long, as everyday is a work day for me. However I am on my back to London so the current format ends here.


I am starting this post in the Malaysia Airlines Lounge in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Looking out at the grey sky I am grateful that there was not much traffic on the way to the airport, despite the torrential rain earlier.



Check-in was unproblematic and I even got to eat some chicken and rice, which is my default comfort food. Whilst not the chicken rice I had hoped to eat, it nevertheless provides some fuel for the long walk to the plane. I also have a four hour transit in Singapore’s Changi Airport for my British Airways flight to London.



For breakfast I had some salad as I had no more brioche, eggs, bananas. Besides salad, French Toast with honey and bananas was the thing I ate most in the past seven weeks.



For lunch I picked up a small portion of noodles and dumplings from Nyonya Colors, and packed some snacks for my plane ride. I probably should not be so paranoid about not finding food, but flight delays are common. I think it’s better not to add more stress to any long journey. Something in the bag is better than nothing.



Reflecting on the past seven weeks, I can only say that on most days I cannot remember how hard it was to look after my father back in 2021 when he was very ill and dying. However tiring and demanding the work was during this trip, I know that life will also offer up many happy moments, pushing aside thoughts of recent difficult days.

What I want to say is that it was such a worthwhile trip as I am leaving my mother in a much better physical and mental state than when I arrived. Yesterday when I woke her up at around 7.20 am her first words, said confidently, were let’s go and enjoy ourselves! I was not sure how to tell her we were going to the hospital.

The doctors were happy to see my mother, especially since she was much more responsive and positive. She is making good progress with her recovery. I realise the value of having a good team around you when you are in a difficult or dangerous situation. I also realise that I must be ready to be part of that team.

I want to end this post by saying that if you are ever in a similar situation, then just aim to be a good Civil Servant i.e. always be civil, and always have a servant-hearted attitude. This is the way Jesus lived and following such a leader, you can never go wrong. All I ever wanted at the end of this trip was to say that it was a job well done.


Bye bye twin towers…a rare day here when the peaks were enveloped by clouds, as I always had a sunny day when I went swimming in the rooftop pool