A Walk in Kew Gardens: Water Lilies



The revered Impressionist painter Claude Monet once said that aside from painting and gardening I’m good for nothing. That may have been the case, but if the paintings encapsulate such beauty and bring such joy, then perhaps it is quite alright to leave the domestic chores to the staff.

Many of us do not have the talent for art (the exception in our family is Junior 2 who is an artist) but with a camera we can at least take photos. If we discern the right angle and the right light, photos represent that moment when our attention was captured.

One of the positives of the extended lockdown here in London was that we spent a lot of time in Kew Gardens. It was, literally, a breath of fresh air.

There are so many areas to explore within the grounds of Kew and I always take many photos when visiting. This post focuses on water lilies, mainly in the Waterlily House. A few of the photos were taken last weekend when they opened up a further section in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.


Waterlily House, late July 2021



Water lilies in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, late July 2021


Reflections of the conservatory roof, Waterlily House, end May 2021


A profusion of water lily pads and flowers, Waterlily House, end May 2021


Where to see Claude Monet’s paintings, including water lilies, or nymphéas:

For paintings in the National Gallery London see here.

If you are in New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a collection.

Information on Monet’s house and garden in Giverny, with a virtual tour. Our family made a visit when the children were young, and the house and its colours is as you see in the pictures. At the time there was no website and we relied on a printed guidebook. I sometimes wonder if one day we might forget how to look for information in a book.

Paris is so close to London by Eurostar, but it is not a city I have enjoyed in past visits. The Musée Marmottan Monet is home to around 100 of Monet’s works and might be the reason I venture to Paris when travelling restrictions are lifted.