Fated to Love You – Part 1

Gochugaru Girl is at home today which is Valentine’s Day…

…whilst Mr Gochugaru is away at a rugby match.

However, life is not devoid of love. Our next group Bible study is on 1 Corinthians 13. Nicknamed the ‘Love Chapter’, it has been described as probably the best known but least understood chapter of the Bible.

I will write more about this (along with some Korean Drama synopisis) in the next post.

For today, here are some choice lines from a Korean movie I watched recently called Miss Granny.

Granny is a widow and she has to live with her son and unappreciative daughter-in-law.

In fact, being an elderly woman is no fun:

If you compare a woman to a ball then a woman in her teens is a basketball: every man reaches for it as hard as he can, to get the ball high up in the air.


A woman in her 20s is a rugby ball: several men attack the ball like dogs trying to take possession of it. This is the only time in life a man will risk his life for a ball.


A woman in her 30s is a ping-pong ball: the number of men going after the ball is significantly reduced but the amount of attention paid to the ball is still decent.


A middle-aged woman is a golf ball: there is only only one man for one ball…and the man tries to send the ball as far away as he can.


And beyond that…she’s a dodge ball.