Gochugaru Girl is not averse to a bit of help in the flavour department.


After all, I don’t live in Sicily where the lemons smell and taste of real lemons.

Mr Gochugaru and I love visiting National Trust properties, and some of them have orangeries.

It must have been really fun to wake up in the morning, think of making a cake, then popping downstairs to pluck a lemon off the tree…although I dare say the lemons were for ornamental use in those days.

In order to enhance the flavour of my cakes and desserts, I do use oils, specifically oils and extracts made by Boyajian.

When I started this blog, the first question I was asked was why I would want to share my favourite recipes avec tout le monde.

The answer is this: when I was growing up, it was really difficult to come by recipes for the food I loved, because everyone wanted to keep their own recipes for themselves. I spent every Sunday morning observing the char keuy teow man at the market stall, because I knew no one would write down that kind of common recipe.

The world has changed and with the proliferation of recipes on the internet, it is possible to find recipes for anything. A search in Google for ‘char kuey teow recipe’ returns about 56,400 results in 0.41 seconds.

I have many favourite recipes, and posting them on my own blog makes it so much easier to share with friends.

The second question I was asked was whether I was going to make money out of this blog. The answer is no, because it would compromise the integrity of my recipes if I was paid to do product placement. So the ingredients I use here are bought as part of my everyday shopping. I just treat it as free advertising for these companies in return for their research and development, and in making my life easier.

Now back to Boyajian Oils. Since I will use them in several recipes, for example the cherry and almond cake, I thought it best to write about them in a separate post.

The link to their official website is here. In the UK, you can purchase them from King’s Fine Foods. I hope you find many uses for them!

The next cake recipe will be for Lemon and Poppyseed Cake.