In and Around Ludlow – Part 1


Typical buildings in Ludlow


Before embarking on this trip I typed up a sensible tour on a spreadsheet. Breakfast, AM visit, lunch, PM visit, rest and then dinner. No extras like side shopping trips, movie nights or drinks at the pub after dinner. Let’s take things easy.

The list for Ludlow is: breakfast at Bill’s Kitchen, National Trust Croft Castle, picnic lunch, NT Berrington Hall, dinner at The Charlton Arms.

Some photos of Ludlow are in this post, and Croft Castle and Berrington Hall feature in the next post.


Ludlow has nearly 500 listed buildings, including examples of medieval and Tudor-style half-timbered buildings


The butter cross at Ludlow was built as a market hall around 1746. It now houses the Ludlow Museum


Ludlow Methodist Church in Broad Street. See here for a Charles Wesley connection to Ludlow


St Laurence’s Church in Ludlow is a grade 1 listed building and the biggest parish church in Shropshire


A view of the Reader’s House from the Ludlow Jubilee Garden


What I like about Ludlow:
1) it is around a 3-hour drive from London
2) there are still physical banks here
3) car parking is not impossible to find
4) there are all manner of shops to satisfy your shopping interests including clothes, shoes, delicatessens, hand-made stationary, pottery, medieval history, art, kitchen equipment and even a year-round Christmas shop
5) there are many good eating places, with friendly and efficient service.


The Charlton Arms where we had dinner this evening


The thing I remember most about English summer trips with my own parents was seeing fields with cut hay stacked into square bales. My Dad, who loved English idioms, always said “now I understand the saying make hay while the sun shines”. I am not sure when hay bales started being rolled, but this is the form I see most nowadays.

The meaning of the idiom, for those unfamiliar with it, is that we should take advantage of favourable conditions or circumstances.

Another idiom is looking for a needle in a haystack, meaning to search for something that is impossible.



It is 138 days to Christmas. I am trying to think of December in a bid to cool myself down on this very warm evening


With thanks to Junior 1 who recommended the eating places today and also our accommodation.