A Rubbish Day


A day which started off badly…


I am normally a very cheerful person, in the mould of Pollyanna. I can find things to be glad about in any situation. Even Rainy Days and Mondays don’t always get me down.

One of the things that does get me down is when I miss the time for throwing out the rubbish. Our domestic rubbish gets collected once in two weeks. As city foxes claw at the bags, we throw the rubbish out on the collection day. Except that this morning the bin men came just past 7 am when they normally come after 9am. Most of my neighbours throw out their bin bags at 8am when they leave for work or school.

The stress of having to get the rubbish out of the house and on to the pavement sent my concentration out the window. It is like buttoning up your shirt with the first button in alignment with the second buttonhole. It is hard to recover when you start off badly. In my case it led to some misjudgement in the measurements of my granola and chocolate chip cookies and I ended up with a pool of flattened crisps instead of distinct individual cookies.


There really is nothing to be proud of here


I once saw a sign in a music shop which featured a US banknote and the words: In God We Trust. Everyone Else Pays Cash. I looked at cookies and thought: Jesus Saves…but this is beyond redemption.



I don’t have the heart to make another batch of cookies, which are for tomorrow’s Korean class, so instead I will make some feta and olive muffins. And so there is something to be glad of because that would make a good recipe to share on this blog.

As a bonus the flat cookies tasted great, like a large buttery caramel and nut crisp. I won’t be making them again but at the same time I don’t think they need to be dispatched to the rubbish pile.