We Are All In The Same Boat…

…but some of us are in an Ark.


The Malay word for aeroplane is kapal terbang which literally means flying boat. It caused a lot of hilarity when I was growing up because, loving the English language, I could not fathom why it was that we didn’t have a native word for aeroplane. The reason is simple, in every language we need to borrow words for which we have no concept in our own culture. For this reason I often struggle to explain to Mr Gochugaru the meaning of certain Chinese words which have no direct English equivalent.

Earlier this week I was discussing my life with a friend and just said: we are all in the same boat. Two other women in my immediate friendship circle also have parents living overseas who are in need of extra care and attention due to illness. They too have had to make trips to be with their family abroad, leaving their husbands and children in London.

Then, out of nowhere, I added: but some of us are in an Ark.

It feels to me sometimes that I am drowning in a flood of other people’s troubles and emotions. That’s why I thought of the story of Noah’s Ark. At a time when the world was in a dismal state, God thought to start again with the human race by sending a flood to wipe out all evil. There was a way out, if you listened and built an Ark, in which you could keep safe and dry when the world around you was engulfed in destruction.

I delight in the care that God took to ensure that the animals were to be in pairs. I am ensconced this morning in the Malaysia Airlines lounge with a great view of the plane I will be boarding, and all I can think of is

I wish Junior 1 were here with me

It is not surprising that he ended up in Engineering, as he loved all things mechanical from an early age. Flying was always non-problematic as he could always be entertained by looking at the things that moved around the airport tarmac.

On a bigger and wider level, some of us are in an Ark because we do have a hiding place when all is not going well. I wake up every morning knowing I can face another day because I have God behind me. It’s great to know that God keeps his promises, because the disappointments we face in life are always due to the breaking of promises.

This morning I tried out British Airways’ promise that, with my Silver Tier card (and traveling Economy on Malaysia Airlines) I will be able to check-in via the MAS business class desk, have 45 kg luggage allowance, go through Fast Trak security and then head up to their Golden Lounge.

Well, everything proceeded as anticipated and I am here in the lounge, where I was was served one of my favourite breakfasts, Nasi Lemak. Some things in life just help soften the bumpy ride ahead.




I am about to board the plane now. The next post will come from Kuala Lumpur… Gochugaru Girl has left the airport lounge.