Jaedong Sundubu English Menu

This is a follow up to the post on Jaedong Sundubu in Seoul.

The menu is translated here, first in Korean, followed by its pronunciation and a short description. The prices are reasonable, reflect the portion size or ingredients, and are correct as of 03 March 2015. The idea is that if you don’t read Korean, you just bring this guide with you.

Personal dishes:

초당순두부, Chodang sundubu: plain white soft tofu – Chodang-style – served in a bowl, with a chilli paste sauce to add as you wish. 7,500 won.

해물순두부, haemul sundubu: soft tofu in a spicy seafood stew with an egg added. 7,500 won.

돌솥비빔밥, dolsot bibimbap: rice with mixed seasoned vegetables served in a stone pot. 7,000 won.

비빔밥, bibimbap: as above without the stone pot. 7,000 won.

콩국수, kongguksu: wheat flour noodles in cold soya milk. 7,000 won.


Bring a friend or two:

두부전골, dubu jeongol: tofu and vegetable stew for sharing, in small or large size. 25,000 or 30,000 won.


Snacks to accompany drinks:

두부김치, dubu kimchi: needs no explanation I hope. 18,000 won.

생두부, saeng dubu: raw tofu. 12,000 won.

두부전, dubujeon: tofu pancake. 12,000 won.

파전, pajeon: spring onion pancake. 12,000 won.

녹두전, nokdujeon: mung bean pancake. 12,000 won.

묵무침, muk muchim: acorn jelly. 10,000 won.


It’s been a hard day at work so let’s have a BBQ:

생삼겹살, saeng samgyeopsal: raw three layered pork belly. 100 g for 6,000 won.

생목살, saeng moksal: raw pork neck. 100 g for 6,000 won.


All dishes are accompanied by rice and side dishes, typically cabbage kimchi, egg roll, toasted seaweed, peanuts, cucumber pickle and fried anchovies. BBQ comes with salad and sauces to wrap around the meat. Water and service are included in the prices. If they open a branch in London I will be the first in line…

Update June 2016: instructions on how to get to Jaedong Sundubu by foot plus a few photos are here.